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Emotion Architect & Adventure Designer

Emotion Architect & Adventure DesignerEmotion Architect & Adventure Designer

Vision Quest Journey

Become still in the Sinai Desert

Join us for a Vision- Quest journey in the Sinai Desert, a very sacred part of the holy land in Egypt.

Silence. No more distractions. No more unnecessary diversions. Only you, your essence, your deep questions and the very clear Desert Energy. 

In the crystal clear air, below a million stars your mind will come to a rest and you will be able to hear the voices of your heart. Insight and Inspiration will naturally come to you, because you give your heart a voice and allow life to flow through you. Realigned with Source, you will start to see the bigger picture and things will start to make sense again.

Most likely you will also face fear, insecurities, resistance and inner challenges. Very natural parts of a process called "growing and expanding". It is once you dare to just sit with those, without trying to "do something about them" that true purification happens. And the new gained clarity you take home with you, will change your life. 


Customer Love

What a guest said...

" I went through a rebirth in the desert and found a deep inner peace that I still carry with me today. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this deep and magical journey. I often reconnect with my memories and instantly feel the freedom again that we created on this adventurous trip. We laughed, played, sang songs next to the camp fire, goofed around, slept under the stars...Here in the clear and powerful desert energy I was able to clear blockages, fears and work through insecurities. I activated a new level of feeling alive inside me, that was beyond my imagination. I rediscovered the connection to myself and to everything there is. This spiritual adventure will stay in your heart forever. Don't hesitate! If you get the chance to be a part of this experience, sign up now!" Romain Sieber, IT-Specialist


What to expect


Sinai Guide

Sinai Guide


The Sinai Desert is located between Egypt and Israel and has been fought over for years. For good reasons: It's a desert with ancient history, very high vibration and hidden sacred spots.

Sinai Guide

Sinai Guide

Sinai Guide


Our Bedouin Tourguide "Falcon Sinai" will take us to sacred places, cook us shai (tea) and food and lead us to different places where we can sleep. He will also share a lot of precious inforation about his culture and the history of the land. 


Sinai Guide

Vision - Quest


We will meet in Sharm-el-Sheikh. Travel by Jeep to the place where our journey begins, from there we will hike and ride camels through the desert and to special places. Slowing down is the key.

Vision - Quest

Special Treat: Red Sea

Vision - Quest


For 3 days we will stay in one place so that every participant can go deeper on his inner journey. We will spend those 3 days completely in silence and solitude. I will bring everybody food and check on things, assist where needed of course.

Soul Guide

Special Treat: Red Sea

Special Treat: Red Sea


I will assist your inner journey energetically, psychologically and physically. Natural remedies with be on site such as homeopathy and Bachbluten.

Special Treat: Red Sea

Special Treat: Red Sea

Special Treat: Red Sea


To acclimate to the desert and to reacclimate to civilisation, we will spend 3 days snorkeling or scuba diving in the red sea. We will stay on a private beach, far away from mass tourism. The red sea is one of the most precious dive sites on earth. 


Vision-Quest (pdf)


Visionssuche Deutsch (pdf)


Packing List Desert (pdf)


Packliste Wüste (pdf)


Camel Caravan accross the Sinai Desert

What to expect

On this trip we will ride camels all the way. No cars, no buses, no electricity, no running water. 

We will be on the move every day. Our thoughts will slow down and then start flowing. We will adjust our rhythm to nature: Get up with the sun and go to sleep after dark. Every day, we will set up our camp at our final destination of the day and cook on the fire, what the camels carry for us. Along the way, we will discover sacred places, play in the dunes, explore canyons, learn about the big variety of herbs and plants,...We will sleep under a million stars, play and sing music, tell and hear stories and travel all the way from the Acaba Gulf to the Suez Gulf, where we will be picked up to return to Sharm-el-Sheikh Airport. 

A very peaceful, slow and fun journey, guided by Falcon Sinai and Sharon Makana. If you long for revitalizing and charging your batteries, this is a very powerful way to do it. 


Special Red Sea Dive Trips

Away from mainstream tourism we offer a special 10 day Dive Trip in the Sinai Desert including a night in the Bedouin Tent and a trip to the colored canyon.

The Red Sea is one of the most pristine Dive destinations in the world! Blessed with warm, clear water and abundant marine life, Egypt's Red Sea is considered one of the world's top scuba destinations. Perfect conditions, spectacular Reefs, Historic Wrecks, Bucket List Animals (like whale sharks, balletic manta rays, scalloped hammerhead sharks, oceanic white tips and dolphins) and budget prices. 

There are also a lot of great Liveaboards to choose from. We choose to also connect with the land and the culture, while we are here.

There are 2 options to choose from. 

The peaceful private version:

- we camp on the beach in a national park. We will do a few dives (and classes ) right there and then drive to other dive sites.

The more comfortable and more expensiv version with more action:

- we stay in a Dive Resort in Sharm-el-Sheikh, along with a lot of other guests and go diving with them on their boat or from shore. 

Both versions include a trip to the desert and an authentic Bedouin experience. 

Discover Scuba Dives, Refresher Courses, PADI Open Water Certification, Advanced Certification, Exploration dives.

Coming soon!

As soon as I have my Instructor Certification, I will start offering these trips.