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Emotion Architect & Adventure DesignerEmotion Architect & Adventure Designer

Makana's Healing Art

Art Bio

“I am Ma ka na, matriarchal Soundfield of the Crown, featuring the Ocean, the
Dolphins, Pele, the ‘Aina, and Omni LavaLove. My Art is a bridge to every aspect of the human soul. I have travelled around the world and have collected many impressions. Now I unite them in unique codes, which will awaken your true purpose of life.”

Sharon Makana Seban, is a celebrated and collected Swiss Artist who currently
resides on the Big Island, Hawai’i. She expresses herself through rich color, bold
designs and sacred geometry. Many of her symbols contain a deeper message,
which can be understood by the intelligence of the heart. She uses acrylics,
watercolors, charcoal and chalk pencils and a variety of mixed media like glass,
shells, structure paste, etc.

Her paintings transmit a lot of energy and emotion. They reflect a dreamy world
where anything is possible, a symphony of colors, shapes, dynamics and symbols
are orchestrated to express love and to inspire you in a unique way.

Her extraordinary paintings can be found in private collections across the U.S. and
Europe. Some of her original Art can be found in fine Galleries in Hawaii.
Many of her collectors were fortunate enough to purchase those early originals. Now
time becomes precious, when she tries to keep up with the demand for originals. If
you follow history, collecting art is not only a great investment but an investment in
the joy of life. Now is the best time to add one of her originals to your collection,
before the prices increase. 

Please keep in mind that her efforts are not only about her Art but to spread the
message of a new awareness on the planet. Find more information about her
intentions and pictures of more pieces on her facebook page https://www.facebook.com/makanahealingart/

When she’s not working new magic on a canvas, she can be found in the ocean,
swimming with the dolphins, hiking to waterfalls and sacred places with her family
or spending time encouraging other people on their path to inner freedom.

Soul Images

Size and price range

Prices vary with size, material, time investment and special requests.

Soul image on paper: Fr. 100.-

Soul image on canvas small:  250.-

Soul image on canvas medium: 500.-

Soul image on canvas large: 700.-

Adding special request: TBD

Tuning in and Downloading

I connect to your soul and allow my intuition to guide me. Sometimes I receive messages, sometimes I am asked to express a certain vibration, or create a mirror for you to recognize your-SELF

Get one now!

Send me 1-3 pictures of you at info@sharonmakana.com and choose a size and price range. And soon it will be yours.  


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